I am currently writing a section about the Japanese writing system. I have previously stated that Japanese was originally written completely in Kanji. However, people found it very difficult.

Therefore, the simpler Hiragana and Katakana was introduced in the ninth century.

How would I write this sentence in Japanese? If "simpler" was replaced with "simple", I would say: だから、単純なひらがなとカタカナが九世紀に導入されました.

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You can use 「より」 and say 「より単純{たんじゅん}な」 for the comparative form.

(The superlative form is 「最{もっと}も単純な」.)

Nothing to do with your question. but 「だから」 would sound too informal and conversational to be used in that sentence that contains a big word like 「 導入{どうにゅう}」. I would suggest using 「従{したが}って」 instead.

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