In the sentance below, what is the grammar behind 唱えにゃならん?


(I thought it was verb stem+にはならない with sound changes but I coudn't find such gramatical structure)



is a colloquial pronunciation of both:

「ねば」 and 「には」

which means you must decide which one it is from the context.

In the phrase:


「にゃ」 is short for 「ねば」. (Grammatically, you cannot say 「唱えには」 in the first place.)

So, the dictionary form of 「唱えにゃならん」 is 「唱えねばならない」, which means the same as 「唱えなければならない」= "must chant the sutra" .

"Listen, boy, you are going to have to chant the sutra instead of me at the temple one day."

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