My name is Hiro, but I have no idea how to write it in japanese. If you could help me with that, it would be great since most online websites aren't very helpful.


ヒロ (in katakana)


ひろ (in hiragana)

If you want to write it in kanji, there are plural candidates.


My real given name is 公大{きみひろ}. Feel free to use a kanji 大{ひろ} for ad-hoc usage until you can find a nicer one since it does not have many stroke counts. It's easy to remember. Japanese might read 大{ひろし} though, It might be better than nothing.

Yeah, for sure, you don't have to stick to literal pronunciation. It is up to you to use phonetic equivalent 英雄{ひろ}("Hero" in Engish) called 当{あ}て字{じ} in Japanese.

Good Luck with that. Since I am far from an expert on Onomancy, I can't give best stroke counts for you.

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