I've found this in a comic frame, but i can't find it's meaning おまっとさんどす Maybe おまっと be a kind of お前, but I don't know.

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is a Kyoto way of saying the standard (dictionary):



which means:

"Sorry to have kept you waiting."

「どす」 is a very "famous" Kyoto version of 「です」.

「Honorific お/ご + Noun + Honorific さま/さん」

is a pattern used in very common fixed expressions. Other examples include:

「お疲{つか}れさま/さんです。」 (Thank you for your hard work.)

「ご苦労{くろう}さま/さん!」 (Thank you for your hard work!)

「ごちそうさま(でした)。」 ("Thank you for the meal.") ➡ 「ごっそさん」 in colloquial speech.

「お気{き}の毒{どく}さまです/でございます。」 ("That is too bad.", "My sympathies.", "My condolences.", etc.)

「お世話{せわ}さまです。」 ("Thank you for your kindness.", "Thank you for everything.", "Thank you for taking care of ~~.", etc.)

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