I know "daisuki" means "big like," but what if I said "I like (daisuki) smart people" in Japanese, instead of telling a single individual that "I like him"? Would I be implying that I love/am sexually attracted to smart people as a whole?

  • Uhhh...「大好き」doesn't mean "big like" and it doesn't imply anything sexual, though it can be used to express someone's love of something sexual. – Y12K Dec 13 '17 at 6:33

Yes that would be the general idea about 大好き as you would use love in English.

日本が大好き。 I love Japan.

東京が大好き。 I love Tokyo.

お寿司が大好き。 I love sushi (in general).

アイドルが大好き。 I love pop idols. (but surely you have specific ones in mind)

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