I am trying to translate a scene early on in Attack on Titan but having some trouble with one line.

Link to the scene in question

This is what I have so far:


All units, prepare for battle

  • 総員{そういん} - all members/all units
  • 戦闘{せんとう} - battle
  • 用意{ようい} - preperation


the objective is one body ?

I don't quite understand what is being said here. Are they saying their objective is to get 1 body, as in to kill 1 titan, Or is it more along the lines of "we are share the same objective" ?

  • 目標{もくひょう} - mark; objective; target​
  • 一体{いったい} - one object; one body; unity​


be sure to take it down

  • 必{かなら}ず - always; without exception; necessarily; certainly; without fail; positively; invariably​
  • 仕留{しと}め - to bring down (a bird); to kill​


here we will make humankind's first base outside of the walls

  • ここを我々{われわれ} - here we
  • 人類{じんるい}最初{さいしょ}の - humankind's first
  • 壁外{へきがい} - outside of the wall
  • 拠点{きょてん}とする - to be based in (a place)​

Any general feedback is also most welcome.


Here 体 is just another counter for animals, robots, statues, etc, which is usable whether they are big or small. So "one titan", not "the same objective". I think 体 is preferred in contexts where you have to refer to things matter-of-factly. Using 匹 or 頭 would not be wrong, but they would feel less "objective". See: Why was "一匹" used for Godzilla?

Other parts of your translation look perfect to me.

  • Thanks naruto! So it's similar to the 台 counter for machines? – Bassie Nov 6 '17 at 7:27
  • Yes, you can say 1体, 5体, 100万体, and so on. – naruto Nov 6 '17 at 7:40

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