Can someone help figure out how the sentence in the title post can be translated? The full sentence is
I loosely translated as "I wanted to become something". but I'm not sure if it's right at all, especially with だろう at the end, I don't know what nuance should be. If it helps, there's another sentence that follows
It's a girl speaking here and I think that in the last line she says "I wanted to become something for him/ or his something". She is talking about a friend who is in trouble and how she wants to be there for him. Can someone tell me if I somehow got the gist of them? Thank you!

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    なりたっかたんだろう should be a typo for なりたかったんだろう
    – Chocolate
    Nov 6 '17 at 8:45

(の/ん)だろう has various meanings. When it is used with interrogatives like いつ, どこ, なぜ, it adds the nuance of "I wonder".

  • なぜだろう? I wonder why?
  • どこでやっているんだろう? I wonder where it's taking place.

So 私はどうなりたかったんだろう is "I wonder who I wanted to become."

  • 私はパイロットになりたい。 I want to become a pilot.
  • 私はパイロットになりたかった。 I wanted to become a pilot.
  • 私はどうなりたかった? Who did I want to become?
  • 私はどうなりたかったんだろうI wonder who I wanted to become.

どうなる actually means "how (something/someone) turns out to be", but I think using "who" is enough.

彼らの何になりたかったんだろう is trickier because 彼らの何 is difficult to translate literally:

  • 彼らの友人になりたい。 I want to become their friends.
  • 彼らの友人になりたかった。 I wanted to become their friends.
  • 彼らのになりたかったのか? Who, from their standpoint, did I want to become?
  • 彼らの何になりたかったのだろう? I wonder who did I want to become for them?
  • Thank you so much! It's much clearer now! And yeah, the second sentence might have sounded a bit weird but now, from the 4th example, I think that is the best translation. Thank you so much! It was really helpful. Nov 6 '17 at 10:09

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