Do all colours work as な adjectives or い adjectives when using て form 'and'? In a sentence such as "my phone is white and small", would it be 私のけいたいは白い小さいです。OR ~けいたいはしろくて~? Also, if the colour were to change to a less basic colour, like はいいろ, would the 'and' form change?


Japanese colors are nouns that work as no-adjectives, except for six basic colors which also have i-adjective versions. I don't think there is a color name that works as a na-adjective.

  • 白くて is correct but 白いで is ungrammatical, because 白い is an i-adjective. 白で is acceptable, but 白くて is much more common. Similarly, you should usually say 赤くて小さい, 青くて小さい, 黒くて小さい, and so on, while 赤で/青で/黒で is also sometimes used.
  • 灰色で is correct but 灰色くて is ungrammatical, because 灰色 is a no-adjective. Similarly, you should say 緑色で小さい, オレンジで小さい, ピンクで小さい, and so on.

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