Hi everyone this is my first post so I'm sorry if I wrote the post incorrectly but my question is this. How would I say near in this sentence: "Does anyone live near (city name)?" Would it be 近く?


You are close, but 近く usually means "in the near future". To say "nearby", you can use (~の)近く.

  • 私は東京の近くに住んでいます。 I live near Tokyo.
  • 誰かこの近くに住んでいますか? Does anybody live nearby?
  • (compare: 近く東京に行きます。 I will go to Tokyo soon / in the near future.)

Here, 近く is a lexicalized noun meaning "nearby place". You can find the list of similar nouns that look like the ku-form of i-adjectives in this question: Is anything implied, but not written, in this nominalization "遠くを見つめる"?

Alternatively, you can say 近いところに, although this is a bit wordy.

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