Context: a character of a manga is being interviewed in the extra section at the end of the manga. She receives a question about a chapter in which she had sex with another character after talking to him.

第17話のあの時ですが… ぶっちゃけ感じてました?

I know that ぶっちゃける means to speak frankly, but what is the meaning of ぶっちゃけ感じてました? Are they asking her if she felt that the boy was sincere/honest? Or is it a question about her own sincerity? Thank you for your help!

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When 感じる is used in having sex, it means "to feel sexual stimulation", "to feel good (sexually)".

So it means "Frankly, were you feeling good?".

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    I see, I had to separate ぶっちゃけ and 感じる. I'll change the question title then. Thank you for your answer!
    – Marco
    Commented Oct 13, 2017 at 18:38

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