Listening to the first Pimsleur Japanese audiobook and I'm having a hard time recognizing the words its saying. It says to say "I want to go shopping" and then in Japanese says something that sounds like "kaimonoga shtain desnoga". What are the actual words it's saying?

My best guess after reading some posts is that it's saying shitai desu ga. Are the n sounds just a regional accent? Or do they change the meaning?


The sentence was simply


Kaimono ga shitai -n/no desu ga

which is saying that the speaker explains that he/she wants to go shopping.

There's no particular accent here.

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    買い物したいんですが ←そうかもしれませんけど、録音されてるのは「買い物したいんですが」かもね・・・
    – Chocolate
    Oct 12 '17 at 9:59

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