I'm trying to say "I do X so that I can do Y".

For example: "I work so that I can enjoy life".

The closest I've been able to get is something like:

働【はたら】くから、人生【じんせい】を楽【たの】しめます。 (because I work, I can enjoy life)

Is there a way of saying this with a closer implication to the original English?


働くから人生を楽しめます ("I can enjoy life because I work"; 働 should be a typo for 働) makes sense, but there is some difference in meaning.

To describe your purpose ("in order to", "so that", ...), you can use ~ように or ~ために. For the difference, see: On the interchangeability of ~ように and ~ために

  • 人生を楽しむために働きます。
  • 人生を楽しめるように働きます。


  • Thanks a lot @naruto, this is a great answer and exactly what I needed.
    – Nic Barker
    Oct 8 '17 at 22:46

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