The sentence is:

あの 狐ねばばあに 餌付けでも  されたか?

餌付け - is a potential form of the verb.

What role is でも playing here?

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    You might consider looking 餌付け up in a dictionary. By the way, it's always appreciated if askers can include some context in their questions.
    – user1478
    Oct 8, 2017 at 1:40

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でも is a particle which has several meanings. In this case it roughly means "~ or something like that", "... for example" or "maybe". See: Function of "でも" in "とでも言うべきであろうか"? and confusing usage of でも

餌付け【えづけ】 is a noun derived from the masu stem of a verb. It means "taming an animal by means of feeding it", and it can work as a suru-verb. There is no potential meaning in 餌付け on its own. It's usually not used with a human being, but apparently it's used figuratively here.

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