I came to this colloquial expression 住んでんだ from One Piece.

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It's contracted from 住んでいるのだ:

1.  住んでいるのだ
2.  住んでいるんだ  (contract の to ん)
3.  住んでるんだ   (contract ている to てる)
4. *住んでんんだ   (contract る to ん)
5.  住んでんだ    (reduce double ん to single ん)

Step 4 isn't a valid sequence; the *んん is not allowed here, so you're forced to reduce the invalid sequence *んんだ to んだ when you contract る to ん before んだ.

I marked step 4 with a * to show that it's not a valid sequence.

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