I was trying to translate this song but the first couple of lines didn't make much sense to me.

There seem to be a lot of inferred particles or something, because there seem to be a bunch of unrelated sentence fragments:

触媒{カタリスト} Ocean of foliage

産{う}み落{お}ちた過{あやま}ち故{ゆえ} 佇{たたず}む静寂{せいじゃく}なら縛{しばり}り 付{つ}け


Here is what I could get from it:

A catalyst (from) an ocean of foliage;

Because it was an error that I was born,

In the still silence, a cross of sin is tied to me.

But the なら here confuses me. I thought maybe it was more "Concerning the still silence" which is where I got "in" from (since usually if you're talking about silence, you're talking about doing something in silence).

But I don't know if that's correct, is it really what the なら stands for here?

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    Songs and poems can often be made up of lots of sentence fragments, rather than fully-formed sentences. So not only are there likely to be implied particles, but potentially implied verbs and conjugations and who knows what else. – ConMan Oct 5 '17 at 1:04

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