I'm using Goukaku Dekiru N5·N4 book, and I'm confused about a question there. This is the question:

私が りーさん(  )あんないしてあげましょう

And the possible answers:

  1. を 2. に 3. から 4. が

So, I answered number 2, に, but the answer book says is を. Why is this the case? I thought that Lee, in this case, would be the receiving part from the guidance that 私 does. With を it seems like 私 is guiding Lee like it'd guide Paris or New York.



案内する takes particles as below.

  • (person)を 案内する
  • (person)に (place)を 案内する

So, both を and に are correct in the example question if it's asking for simply a correct answer. (Actually, I've seen this kind of incomplete questions for 日本語検定 books several times in this forum.)

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  • I think this is not from an official exam, but is not encouraging to know there might be these kind of ambiguous questions. Thanks for your reply! – Víctor Oct 4 '17 at 18:39

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