What does 一色 mean in the first part of the first sentence of this article (about Abe's dissolving of the Diet's lower chamber in a snap election)? I don't quite understand what its trying to say?



Now, I THINK what "世間は衆院解散一色だが" means is "Society generally understands the lower chamber's dissolution, but...", but I still don't quite get it, with the 一色 part especially throwing me off.

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Goo辞書 says:


2 全体が同じ一つの傾向でおおわれること。「町は祭り一色に塗りつぶされた」

jisho.org says:


  1. same tendency; everyone being caught up in the same thing​

    街はクリスマスムード一色…もうじきイブだ。 The streets are in full Christmas mode - it's almost Christmas Eve.

So 世間は~一色だ means "everyone seems to be {welcoming / discussing / interested in} ~" or maybe simply "Japan is now fully in a 解散 mood". I think the safer choice would be "interested in" here, because obviously not everyone welcomes the dissolution.

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