The text in question is on page 2, number 2: https://www.docdroid.net/gMfeMMP/img-20170823-0002-new.pdf

A: 席は、1階と2階とどちらがよろしいでしょうか。
B: 1階の前の方の席をお願いします。
A: あいにく前の方はもういっぱいなんですが。
B: じゃ、後ろの方でもかまいません。

In this text, they are talking about a ticket for a train, bus or something the like? The 1かいの前の方の席 suggests to me that the ticket is for public transport. 前の方 means "facing in the direction of travel" in this context, am I right?

Since this text seems to make every effort not to be too specific about what these 2 are talking exactly, I merely wanted to ask for confirmation ^^

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前の方の席 refers to seats near the front-row, the stage, the screen, etc.

I think most people feel they are talking about a ticket for some stage performance, since they are talking about 1階 and 2階 ("the first/second floor"). Balcony seats are often referred to as 2階席 in Japanese. They may be talking about a bilevel/double-decker train/bus, but asking for a 前の方の席 of a train doesn't make much sense to me.

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