I was watching the first episode of Terrace House and got confused at something at the beginning.

  1. 僕は筧さんがずっと一途に思われてたじゃないですか

  2. ああいうのとかが好きでした

In the show a presenter is asked if anyone on the previous series of the show left an impression on him and he responds with 1 and 2. In 1, I'm having trouble understanding the sentence due to the use of the 思われる form and the が particle used with that.

Also in 2, is the の in ああいうのとか the placeholder の, as in the same の as 食べたのはこれです?


It's more natural to interpret 思われる as the respectful form here.

You correctly understand の and ああいうの (one like that) indicates how 筧さんがずっと一途に思われていた (Kakei-san was always faithful).

The overall structure is 僕は…ああいうの とか が 好きでした: "I liked (one like) that or other things" with ああいうの explained as 筧さんが…じゃないですか "Kakei-san was always faithful, right?"

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