Recently I sent an email to a game's support channel and the first paragraph of their reply email contains this sentence "XX GAME お客様サポート係 横井でございます".

I tried Google translate "横井" but it only shows "Yokoi" (the Japanese pronunciation).

I also learnt about "でございます" is a polite form from this forum.

May I know what is the meaning of "横井"? Does it refer to the name of support personnel?
And does "係" refer to "is" ?


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横井 is his/her family name.

~~係 means "the staff of ~~ division."

“XX GAME お客様サポート係 横井でございます”

This is Yokoi, a staff member of XX Games Customer Support.

(Partially quoted from Wataru 'Watson' Subridge's comment)

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