A fair while ago someone said something like 嘘だぴょーん! in a comment.

But what kind of a connotation and usage does ~だぴょん have? Can it be used in a kind of humorous sort of way?

Edit: Realized it was actually 嘘だぴょーん!.

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    Are you sure it wasn't だぴょん? It sounds cute since ぴょんぴょん is the way that a bunny bounces. If so, then it is the same as だよん or just だよ.
    – Dono
    Apr 21, 2012 at 1:36
  • @Dono Thanks, yeah I think it actually was だぴょーん! rather than だびょーん!
    – cypher
    Apr 21, 2012 at 2:42

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The question was revised since my initial comment, which I will add as an answer.

だぴょん (or だぴょーん) is a final suffix equivalent to だよん or だよ. It adds a sense of cuteness owning to the fact that ぴょん (or ぴょんぴょん) is the way in which something (such as a bunny) hops or bounces.


(@Dono's correction/answer allowed me to find out a lot more, so I thought I might try to add a bit about the expression 嘘ぴょん.)

According to Zokugo-dict, 嘘ぴょん is an expression which first appeared around 1986, and it's used when speaking one's mind after someone tells a fib. It apparently isn't used for really serious lies, only for exaggerations/dramatizations etc which could end up as jokes.

Apparently 嘘ピョーン was at number 1 at Goo's 2009 今でもつい使ってしまう死語ランキング "ranking of dead language which is unintentionally used even now."

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