I'm trying to figure out what is the meaning of "いなくない" in this sentence:


May be something like this? "With the exception of Chariot (it's a first name), there isn't (in the world) another person who can do such amazing things, don't you think?".

"いなく" should be the negative form of iru, right? And about that final "ない", I have to see it like a "じゃない"? (As in this case:"この文、おかしいんじゃない?")


シャリオ以外(には)いなくない? is a feminine colloquial question.

=シャリオ以外(には)いなくないか? is a masculine colloquial question.

=シャリオ以外には、いないのではないですか?is a formal question.




The whole sentence is rather rhetoric, using the double negative question, although I don't know whether it's defined as "a rhetorical question" or not. Anyway, it means something like this: "No one but Shario is able to do such an awesome task, isn't he?"

Hope this helps!

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