I have the following sentence I'm trying to translate:
I tried translating the sentence as follows:
Surging from the dark waves, bloodthirsty gods were trying to awaken.
I'm not entirely sure if my translation suffices, so I would appreciate any help regarding that, however, my main concern is the way the verb 覚ます is conjugated, I had never seen such a construction. Is it translated as to try to or something similar? and what is it called?

  • I think your translation is pretty good. I'm going to hold off on answering this because, while I feel comfortable reading this sort of grammar, I'm not 100% sure how or why it works the way it does. – A.Ellett Aug 14 '17 at 2:24
  • As the previous answer says, perhaps a more natural translation would be "gods were about to awaken." – naruto Aug 14 '17 at 4:10

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