I'm trying to send a report to my superior, and want to say "please let me know if you have any questions" about this report. The only form that I can think of is "何か質問があれば言ってください". But I am sure it is very casual. So what is the best formal way to say so?

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My ordinary template is:


  • For the (a) part:

    お気づきの点が (~ "if there is something")

    will also do, but I prefer my choice above being terse and wide coverage. Note that 質問 means "question-asking" and doesn't primarily stand for questions in your mind.

  • (b):

    あれば is also grammatically sound but a bit less formal. You could use ございましたら for your client, but I don't feel it's needed for your in-company superior (unless you're in a big company and sending to executives).

  • (c):


    will also work. 言ってください is not business-like as you said. If you want more euphemism saying "I'd appreciate —", replace ください with いただけ(ると/れば)幸いです.


I think instead of using いってくだい I think 知らせてください would be more natural. Otherwise,


is good.

知らせる means "to let someone know". Yet, my language skills are a bit weak when it comes to using appropriate keigo and such to a superior.



Thanks guys for your replies. I ended up asking my superior how to say it formally and properly. He recommended the following:


Thanks again for your help

  • that's interesting wording yet makes plenty sense. sort of the equivalent to "I would be happy to learn of any comments or concerns that you may have"
    – psosuna
    Aug 10, 2017 at 22:41

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