I find it difficult to translate short software GUI instructional pieces like:

  • Tap to enter comment
  • Press here to talk
  • Sign in to continue

Should I put it like:

  • タップしてコメントを入力
  • or must it be: ボタンをタップして、コメントを入力します
  • or コメントを入力するをタップします(してください)
  • or something else?
  • Additional context would be helpful. Is this for tablet software? – Jesse Good Apr 9 '12 at 3:35
  • Yes, this is for software GUI. – He Shiming Apr 9 '12 at 3:36

I think the examples you have are fine. I would personally use には (In order to ~X, ...). Also note that GUI actions often leave off the する/します when it is implied. (Further note: I think タッチ or クリック might be used more than タップ.)

  • コメントを入力するには、タッチしてください
  • (通話/録音)するには、こちらをクリック - Not sure of the exact meaning you want for "talk" without some context.
  • 続けるにはログイン(してください)
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