Context: two high school girls talk about an expensive ring.

Girl A:  花江!そのリングどうしたの?それ 今 全然手に入らなくてネットでプレミアついて20万くらいするんだよ。

花江:  知り合いから転売してもらったんだよね。30万で。

I found on dictionaries that プレミアついて means at a premium, at a higher price. What I don't understand is: 20万 is the final price or the amount to add to the original price? Thank you for your help!


Parse it as:


"lit. It... [with a premium added,] costs around 200,000 yen."
→ "It... costs about 200,000 yen [at a premium]."

So 20万 is the final price.

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