To say We Learn by Teaching. Would it be said as:

Watashitachiha, kyoiku de manabimasu.

I don't know if this is correct?

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The antonym for 学ぶ (manabu) is 教える (oshieru). 教育 is education in general, and it includes both teaching and learning. Here, we need a word that only means teaching.

Watashitachi wa, oshieru koto de manabimasu.

こと after 教える is a nominalizer (in a nutshell, it turns 'teach' into 'teaching').

Note that is grammatical but still sounds unnatural to the eyes of Japanese people. In particular, 私たち (watashitachi, "we") is not something we frequently use in Japanese sentence. To describe this idea, you can use shorter phrases like this.

Teaching is learning.

There is a proverb using classic Japanese grammar that essentially says the same thing, but I think you can forget this because it's not very popular.

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