According to this site, buta appears to be the colloquial name of a "no pair". Is there such thing as a "no pair"? If not, what is it called in English?

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    I think this question is about English rather than Japanese. Try ell or english.stackexchange.com?
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  • @Yosh I wouldn't go there to ask the meaning of a Japanese word. Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 10:51
  • It turns out that I totally misread your intention. My apologies.
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According to List of poker hands, ノーペア is called "High Card" or "No Pair" in English.

Note that you may see some 和製英語 terms in poker and other Western-origin games. "Three of a kind" and "Four of a kind" are usually referred to as スリーカード and フォーカード, respectively, in Japanese. (Perhaps "-of-a-kind" was grammatically too difficult for Japanese people.)

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