The word composition has several meanings in English, and from looking at dictionary entries, it seems it also can be translated several different ways in Japanese.

When referring specifically to composition in the context of visual arts, what term would be used in Japanese?

Surprisingly, the Wikipedia entry for composition currently has no Japanese translation.

The closest word I am aware of in Japanese is [合成]{ごうせい}, but to me that feels closer to "composite". The idea of combining in the sense of layering data more than in the sense of layout or balancing of visual elements.


I believe the word is 構図【こうず】.


It specifically gives a translation "composition".

Also I think you can use the broader concept 構成【こうせい】, which is not limited to visual arts.


構図 refers to the "result of composition", for the "act of composition" you should use 構成 or 配置.

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