Recently, I posted content concerning questions and answers from this website to another without providing proper attribution to the posters and commenters. I want to say that I am sorry, but also convey a deeper sense of apology. Are there additional words or phrases that can be used to express a deeper remorse? Thank you.


A standard formal apology would be 申し訳ありません, which can be made more formal as 申し訳ございません. For an extremely formal apology (for example, a CEO making a public apology for their company's misconduct), お詫び申し上げます might be good. Optionally, you could say 心より or 誠に before either of them.

  • +1 for 申し訳ございません and not 申し訳ないでございます. The latter I've heard before and have also been previously warned to not be correct by instructors of mine in the past. – psosuna Jul 7 '17 at 22:56

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