So I am reading Dragon Ball in Japanese and I got stuck with this sentence. Goku is looking for food and looks down at a river and says:


which I think means something like

Nice! It's been a while since the last time I ate fish!

So I can understand it by context but I would like somebody to break it down for me and explain to me the use of the two に and especially しようっと. Thank you very much!


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  • よし in this context is closer to "Okay" or "Alright" said when you've decided something. It's defined as 決意する時に発する声 in this dictionary entry.
  • 久しぶり is a noun that works as a no-adjective (sometimes also as a na-adjective). There is no single-word equivalent in English. This に after 久しぶり is used to turn a na-/no-adjective into an adverb.
    • 久しぶりの休暇 first vacation in a long time
    • 久しぶりに走る to run for the first time in a while

    (Note that 休暇 is a noun and 走る is a verb.)

  • ~にする is a very common set phrase which has several meanings. In this case, it means "to decide on ~ (from multiple options)" or "to choose".
  • しよう is the volitional form of する.
  • For っと, see What does volitional form + っと mean?
  • That is so helpful. Thank you very much, I will take a look more calmly tomorrow, but now I can understand it way better. That was a great answer :)
    – jordiri
    Commented Jul 4, 2017 at 3:31

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