Doing practise questions for JLPT, need to fill the blanks with the given words in the correct order. The answer tells me the position of one of them but I can't work out the rest.

忘れられないプレゼントは、小学生のときに両親が買ってくれた自転車です。苦しい生活の中、___ __  ★ __ 涙がでます。





正解:2 (★)

正しい順番は 3、4、2、1 と思うんだけど、確信がない。。。


The correct order is 2-3-4-1. The third blank should be 4, not 2. Please double-check.

The sentence is:

(literally) If I think "In what feeling did they buy it?", only by it, tears go out.
I get teary just by thinking about how my parents were feeling when they bought it for me.

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  • yes you're right I misread the answer sheet! many thanks – Pootan Jul 1 '17 at 2:26

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