Please help me translate this sentence into English:


I can only come up with the following:

According to..., Japan has not built an expensive manned spaceship. Japanese astronauts will be able to earn the qualification to travel to the moon with the contribution of its special technology when countries begin preparation on the moon surface exploration around 2025

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In this case, looking at the NHK Easy News version makes it a bit clearer (though it is also a good resource if you aren't able to read the normal news comfortably): http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/k10011033541000/k10011033541000.html

For reference, here is the Easy text, though I am basing my translation on both sources:


I am not a native speaker, and this translation is not quite literal, but I think it pretty much captures the idea of the sentence:

"According to JAXA, Japan will not develop a costly manned spacecraft, but will instead contribute specialized technology for the planned 2025 manned moon surface exploration that many countries are participating in, for which preparations are already underway. By providing this support, it is hoped that Japanese astronauts might earn the privilege of making a moon landing."


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