In the middle of Bibara Bibara by Stereopony (lyrics here), there is this weird Katakana "sentence":


I cannot make any sense of it, but I do see a Hiragana syllable in the middle of Katakana, and it happens to be a particle, which makes me wonder: can this be made any sense of? Is this a meaningful sentence in Japanese? Are the sounds chosen for some reason, or is it just plain "scat"?


I looked stuff up on JEDict and found the following. 蓬々{ほうほう} means "confusedly, perplexedly", and 方法{ほうほう} means "method", while 方途{ほうと} means "path". That is all I can see in there. Well, there is ホトトギス meaning "toad lily" or "cuckoo"… maybe "the toad lilies are confused" with a few extra syllables because why not?


This isn't gibberish. In fact, there's even a clue at the beginning of the video; you can hear a cuckoo clock in the background. ホトトギス is a cuckoo (a bird). I presume that ホーホー is probably just the sound the bird makes.

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