I was searching for a way to say something like the following:

"I think that's why he was crying."

I remember かもね or simply かも being used to suggest something 'could be'/'might be', but I'm not sure if it fits in this context.

Would the following be a correct translation?


What are correct ways to say something 'could be'/'might be' the cause, in Japanese?

  • かも derives from the grammar structure かもしれない。
    – ajsmart
    Commented Jun 25, 2017 at 16:27

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"I think that's why he was crying."

You're right that ~かも(ね) means "could be / might be" (You could also say 「~かもしれない(ね)」) and your translation makes sense (though I'd probably say more like 「それが泣いていた理由かもね。」), but I think it'd sound more natural if you said it as...


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