Professor A asked you to go to his room.


Is it OK? I feel it is not quite natural.

Similarly, how to say "Professor A hopes you can concentrate on the XX research."



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Your sentences are not quite grammatical for the following reasons.

After fixing them, you'll get:

  • A先生があなたに先生の部屋に行って欲しがっています。
  • A先生はあなたにXX研究に集中して欲しがっています。

Although naruto covered the grammatical aspects, I disagree with his answer insofar as I don't think 欲しい/欲しがる would be used in these cases.

For your first sentence, my choice of phrasing would depend on whether it's important to explicitly mention the room. If it isn't, then a simple

A先生があなたを呼んでいます。("Professor A is asking for you.")

If mentioning the room is important, then something along the lines of

A先生は研究室へ行くようにとおっしゃっていました。("Professor A said you have to go to his office.")

(Adjusting the ◯◯室 as appropriate for the actual type of room; 部屋 is likely to be misinterpreted as the professor's apartment).

In your second example, I'd favour the てもらう construction:

A先生はあなたにXX研究に集中してもらいたいとおっしゃっていました。("Professor A said he wants you to focus on (the) XX research.")

Obviously, this differs a lot from your initial attempts, but I think it's unlikely that 欲しい/欲しがる would be used in the situations presented in your sentences.

There are, of course, a number of possible ways to express the general idea, but the ones I present here are the ones I come across in the workplace on a regular basis (substituting an upper level manager for the professor).

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