I was asked by my teacher to read a kid friendly manga, something easy to start with.

I am not having issue with the vocabulary and I understand the general gist of a sentence but I am having issue with "why" is the sentence constructed that way.


So what I get from this is :

Come to think of it how are we going to find the place, that I don't know, where the ball is.

But I am a bit confused grammar-wise with two things :




These are my best guesses :

あるかも -> か is to show that the character is asking where is the place of the ball

も is used here to say the character doesn't know anything about it

わからないのに -> に say that the previous part of the sentence is where they need to look

の I really have no idea why a no would be here

Thank you for your help !

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The sentence can be roughly divided into three parts:


Come to think of it, how can we find (it) when we don't even know where the other balls are?

I don't know what exactly they are searching for from this context. Maybe they are searching for something which is related to 'the other balls'.

  • So I wasn't far off but I'm happy to have the complete explanation and link to answers. Thank you
    – rXp
    Jun 21, 2017 at 9:19

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