unknown kanji

I usually don't have trouble identifying kanji what with all the helpful dictionary apps available. But this one really has me scratching my head.

I tried to find this character by building it up with radicals, unfortunately the closest I came to is 鎚 which of course has a different radical on the left ('gold' whereas the one in my image has the 'thread radical') Initially I thought maybe 鎚 is an alternative way to write this mystery Kanji, but I looked it up in a reliable dictionary and it doesn't list any alternatives. So can anyone help identify this kanji? Thanks in advance!

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  • If your dictionary has sound-basis lookup, すがる will lead you to '縋 ' – Wataru 'Watson' Subridge Jun 13 '17 at 3:26

Both Jisho and 漢字辞典オンライン have it under 糸.


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