Is there a colloquial phrase in Japanese that would be the same as or similar in meaning to the English phrase "caught red handed"?


The idiomatic part "red-handed" can be translated with 現行犯(で).

For "catch" you use an appropriate form of 捕まる・捕える or 逮捕(する) or 取り押さえる.

For example,

We caught the suspect red-handed.

There also appears to be a compound noun 現行犯逮捕(する) for "being caught in the act / red-handed".

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    +1. Note that this expression isn't figurative (unlike red-handed) nor specifically colloquial (it can be used both in colloquial and rather formal contexts). It's quite common, though, and I don't come up with any other phrases.
    – Yosh
    Jun 12 '17 at 3:28

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