The English idiom "anything under the sun" means, anything at all. For example:

We sat and talked about anything under the sun.

Is there a Japanese phrase with the same nuance as that? The sentence:


doesn't seem to "catch" the nuance.


According to my E-J dictionaries...

under the sun ⦅略式⦆(1) この世で[の]、天が下に[の]. (2) [everything under the sun] ありとあらゆること. (3) [nothing under the sun] 全く何も…ない. [4]⦅まれ⦆[通例 What...? 構文で] いったいぜんたい.
(Taishukan's Genius English-Japanese Dictionary)

under the sun ① この世の[で] There is nothing new under the sun. 日の下に新しきものなし[←Bible Eccl 1:9] ② すべての、いろいろな I tried everything under the sun. ありとあらゆることをすべて試した
(Obunsha's Lexis English-Japanese Dictionary)

"Anything under the sun" in your sentence is used in the sense of #2 in both dictionaries, so I think it can be translated as:




森羅{しんら}万象{ばんしょう} means all things in nature.

Translation: 森羅万象 literally means every phenomenon or thing existing between the sky (/the heavens) and the ground (/the earth).

I'm sorry to say that 森羅万象 is solemn, but is not so friendly.

Similar to 森羅万象, there is another expression 天地{てんち}万物{ばんぶつ} that means the whole creation or everything in heaven and earth.

天地万物 consists of heaven, earth and 万物 everything ( ten thousands / a lot of and thing).

天地万物 is not so solemn as 森羅万象, but is also not so friendly.

There are some adverbs similar to the expression anything "under the sun":

  • 満{まん}天下{てんか}に: under the sky
  • お天道{てんとう}様{さま}の下{もと/した}で: with the sun / under the sun

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