shouldnt compound kanji be read with on reading i came by the word 子供 but the kanji here are read with their kun readings being こ and ども thanks for any help


Is it normal to sometimes read compound kanji with kun reading?

Sometimes yes, but as a whole this kind of reading is exceptional. As for the reason, it took me a decent long time to collect these examples.


  青空(あお+ぞら)  裏庭(うら+にわ)  薬指(くすり+ゆび)  毛玉(け+だま)

  坂道(さか+みち)  花園(はな+ぞの)  丸太(まる+た)  横顔(よこ+がお)

訓読みだけの 牧場(まき+ば)・細道(ほそ+みち)・夕方(ゆう+がた)

訓読み+訓読みの熟語 ・家路(いえ+じ)・霜柱(しも+ばしら)・手紙(て+がみ)

◎【訓読みさせる二字熟語】 海松(うみまつ)、海嘯(うみなり)、垂水(たるみ)、鳴水(なるみ)、弓月(ゆみづき、ゆづき)、観月(みづき)、山肌(やまはだ)、山脈(やまなみ)、山峡(やまかい)、山沢(やまさわ)、沢渡(さわたり、さわわたり)、沢瀉(おもだか)、蒼天(あおぞら)、稲妻(いなづま)、稲光(いなびかり)

◎ 人柄(ひと+がら) 手数(て+かず) 昼間(ひる+ま) 人手(ひと+で)

  • are they like exceptions to the rule that compound kanji are read with onyomi? or can i just read kanjI with either their kun or on – Hamzeh Jun 9 '17 at 9:51
  • @Hamzeh: They are exceptions. To tell you the truth, it took me a decent long time to collect these 訓読み+訓読み compound words because they are exceptions. – mackygoo Jun 9 '17 at 10:04

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