The manga I'm reading is set in school. And the girls, who are looking at their crush (who is at that moment playing soccer) said: "さすが去年のミスター!".

If I'm going to translate this, it will be: "As expected from last year's mister!". Is my idea of what was said by the girls correct?

Although I already have this personal translation, I still can't understand what does "mister" mean. I'm doubtful if my understanding is correct, because the Japanese language have their abbreviated words such as "JK" and "全中", which are terms used in school setting. At the back of my mind I'm thinking maybe the guy is the winner of a popularity contest in their school that is why they're calling him "ミスター". But again, I'm not sure if I'm correct because when I searched it in google all the translation I got about it is that it means "mister".

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    Aside from that one sentence, I think nothing more was said regarding the word "ミスター" in the story. There was also no ミスターコン in the story, because the guy was just a sub character. Still thank you for your reply. Through your reply I was able to know that there is a word such as 'ミスターコン". I searched it and now I think the guy is most probably a winner of that contest. Again, thank you. – Karen88 Jun 8 '17 at 14:54

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