Recently, I have been struggling with the correct usage of 「どの」and「どち」. Is it correct to think of them in the following way?
「どの」= what (I get this confused with「なん」and「なに」as well) 「どち」= which

When listing two options do I use「どの」or「どち」? When listing three or more options do I use「どの」or「どち」?

Or am I thinking about this in the wrong way? Thank you for you help.

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The correct usage for どっち/どちら is being answered well in here; Can どっち mean which one of many?

When it comes to 「どの」, the 「ど」in this case is actually a reading for the kanji 「何」which makes it 「何の」(but it is always written in hiragana only)

Therefore, it would give it the meaning of what(kind) or what(way)

example; あなたはどの肉が好きですか (What kind of meat do you like?)

also if you take the 「どの位(くらい), it will have a meaning of how long, how much, how far. example; この雪はどのくらい降るのだろうか (How much will it snow?)

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