This text is a post I found on a website. While translating it I had troubles with many things.

  1. 規則上: I don't know how to translate it since I've never seen this use of 上.

  2. とこ: is it equivalent to ところ?

  3. ても at the end of a sentence: is that a colloquial rule or something? Does it mean "even if" anyways?

  4. : is there a verb like 思う omitted? Or is it a different use of the particle?

Thank you very much!

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  1. 上【じょう】 in 規則上【きそくじょう】 means something like "in relation to ~", "because of ~", "owing to ~", etc. Similar phrases are 立場上, 時間の関係上, 業務上, 都合上, and so on.
  2. Yes, this とこ is simply ところ or (physical) place.
  3. This ても is the conjunctive ても meaning "even if". It normally precedes the main clause, as shown in the link, but here the ~ても clause is added as an afterthought, in a separate sentence. You can translate this as "~, though."
  4. と is a quatative particle that is used with various verbs. Here it simply marks the content of 噂になる. People are rumoring that it's easy to kidnap in TDL.

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