I am currently learning Japanese, I am still a beginner and right now I am trying to say something like "I want to learn driving a car" or "I want to learn how to drive a car". I was trying to use 車を運転する combined with 習いたい but I don't know how to connect these two words so it makes sense.

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    The most generic expression is 車の運転を覚えたい (verb: おぼえる). 習う means to learn something from a teacher. 学ぶ is closer to "to study" or "to learn a lesson".
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  • @user4092 You should check out this question, I think you have 習うand 学ぶ mixed up. japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/1732/…
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    ^ I think you have 習うand 学ぶ mixed up はぁ・・user4092さんは日本語母語話者なんですけどね・・ 習う means to learn something from a teacher. 学ぶ is closer to "to study" or "to learn a lesson" 私もそう思いますけど・・
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  • 知らなくて、失礼しました。前の答えに学ぶは教師のことも関係あるって書いてあるんですが、習うに対しては教師のことは書いていないんです。コッピした答えは少しでもmisleadingでしょうか?私はたぶん学ぶと習うのニュアンスが分かりません。@Chocolate
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    mi‌​sleadingでしょうか さあ、どうでしょう・・きっと「学」の漢字は、もともとそういう意味なんでしょうね・・学‌​ぶと習うのニュアンスが分かりません それなら、これなんか超おススメです! → japanese.stackexchange.com/a/18658/9831
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There are a number of ways to do this.

  1. 車の運転を習いたい. A suru-verb like 運転 can work as a noun if you dropped the する part. 運転 means driving all by itself. Literally, "I want to learn driving of a car."
  2. 車を運転する方法を習いたい. 方法 is a noun meaning "method/way", and 車を運転する is used as a (gapless) relative clause that modifies 方法. Literally, "I want to learn the way of driving a car."
  3. どうやって車を運転するか習いたい. Here どうやって is "how", and どうやって車を運転するか is an embedded question meaning "how I (can) drive a car". Literally, "I want to learn how I (can) drive a car."

The first one is the simplest and most natural way if you just want to say you want a driver's license. The other two are wordy and usually unnecessary (but they can help you to learn the Japanese grammar).

  • is there a reason you said を習いたい as opposed to が習いたい?
    – A.Ellett
    Commented Jun 7, 2017 at 23:06
  • @A.Ellett Good question, according to this PDF, を~たい and が~たい are sometimes interchangeable, while younger people tend to prefer the former. But somehow I strongly feel 車の運転が習いたい is ungrammatical. ケーキが食べたい and テレビが見たい are okay, of course. Hmm...I don't know why.
    – naruto
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I think you can express that like this:

車を運転することが出来るようになりたい: "I want to be able to drive a car"

or you could say something like this:

車を運転することを学びたい: "I want to learn how to drive a car"

For making these expressions you need to learn how to make a verb or a sentence into a noun with こと or の. More information in Minna No Nihongo Shokyuu II Lesson 38 or the youtube video "Japanese verbs into nouns - Japanese in 5! #25" from the Japanese from zero channel

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