Related question: How do you write someone's name if you don't know what kanji to use? , but that's for the name of a non-notable person.

I'd like to know the Japanese name of someone who's been in the news of English-language media (Masaaki Imaeda). He doesn't have an English-language Wikipedia article yet, so I can't just look him up and see what the Japanese language edition has as his name.

I tried googling "まさあき いまえだ シドニー", but that didn't seem to get many useful results. Even "今枝正明 シドニー" mainly gave results in Chinese.

(I'm assuming that he's been covered in Japanese-language media, which may not be the case)

He was born in Japan and came to Australia in 1973, and was born in 1951 or 1950, so he would have been a young adult when he came to Australia.

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    Is he a Japanese citizen living in Australia or a (naturalized) Japanese-Australian? If the latter were the case, his name would generally be written in katakana in the Japanese media. Here is an example: tsuiran.jp/word/998715/hourly?t=1495710000
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    Jun 4, 2017 at 14:22
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If that person is really notable enough in Japanese, the hiragana name should always be in his/her article on Japanese Wikipedia, so you should be able to find the kanji name with his/her hiragana name by using Google or Wikipedia search. Wikipedia:スタイルマニュアル (人物伝) says:



enter image description here

If that person is not that notable, practically, all you can do is make random guesses on kanji and keep googling until you hit something.

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