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I'm translating a news article for my thesis. It's about a wellknown urban legend, the Attempted Abduction. I don't quite understand the use of と in the second sentence... Is it used to make a list of actions? But that would be an unusual use of the particle... Or is it used for reporting speech? But again, there is no verb like say or tell or something... Please help me :)

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  • I'm assuming you mean the と I made bold. Verbs like 言う, 思う etc are often omitted when the meaning is clear. There are several questions about this on this site. – user3856370 Jun 3 '17 at 17:58
  • ^ although after looking for 5 minutes I've failed miserably to find them. – user3856370 Jun 3 '17 at 18:04

there are two と in that sentence. the first means "when" and the second it quotative.

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