I want to translate びようすいみん for a manga but the problem is that I dont want to use google translate or any other similar tools. I know how to pronounce it (biyousuimin) but I dont know how to seperate the words. Any help?

  • You can try typing it in an IME. Mine gave me 美容睡眠 immediately. – Sweeper Jun 3 '17 at 12:40


It must be 「びよう」「すいみん」, which is written 美容{びよう} 睡眠{すいみん} .
美容{びよう} means beauty and 睡眠{すいみん} means a sleep.
Then the びようすいみん means a sleep good for your beauty or the way of a sleep good for your beauty.

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    "Beauty sleep" in exactly the sense explained by @mackygoo is a common phrase in Engish. Someone going home early from a party, for example, might say "I must get my beauty sleep". – Graham Healey Jun 2 '17 at 15:51

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