I would like to learn how to specify a type of file in Japanese. In an English context the common vernacular would be "...a print file". Is there a standardized way to say this in Japanese that would sound natural in a design/printing industry context?


I am worried that "プリント" isn't the right word. I also don't want the verb: :刷る" or the noun: "写り"

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I don't know about the printing industry, but I would probably use something simple like 印刷用.

印刷 is the real Japanese word for printing.
用 is a useful little kanji that basically means "for the purpose of".

You can say 印刷用紙 to mean printing paper, or perhaps in your case 印刷用ファイル.


"印刷用 ファイル" is formal and perfect, "印刷 ファイル" is also used, and both are technical terms.
"印刷用の ファイル" makes sense but it is not a technical term and is used to explain the purpose of the file/files.

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