I was watching the video and the guy won a cake, so he said 「ご褒美のケーキ」

so I was wondering how should I translate this in English?

I know that

ご褒美 = prize, reward

ケーキ = cake

but simply putting them together is quite odd to me

Thank you!


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The の here is the appositive case (同格), e.g. 息子太郎 (my son Taro)


So I think it'd literally be like "(I won/got) a cake as a prize!"


I got the answer that I was looking for so I will post it here.

ご褒美のケーキ = Winner's Cake

@Chocolateさん's answer has a correct meaning too, but it's just that in this context it will be odd, if the guy said "(I won/got) a cake as a prize!"

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